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The system consists of

Beschichtungsmasse FLAMRO BMA Airless

Feuerfestkleber FLAMRO KL

Systemplatten FLAMRO SPN

Fire protection system "FLAMO DIY Assembly Cable Ducts"

Areas of application

For all fire-rated building components and fire compartments:

  • I = Installation: Fire exposure from the inside (for escape and rescue routes)
  • E = Circuit integrity/Functional endurance: Fire exposure from the outside

FLAMRO SPN as a DIY assembly cable duct

FLAMRO SPN for encasing existing cable supporting structures

Fire resistance classes I 30 to I 90 and E 30 bo E 60

Special benefits


  • Easy application
  • Low weight
  • Cutting to size can be done with a knife
  • Versatile - for tailormade applications
  • Simple adhesive joint
  • Detachable lid
  • Inspection and retrofitting option
  • Can be covered with aqueous emulsion paint
  • I-type channels are available with an outlet opening for single cables and cable bundles

Installation instructions


Electrical cables laid on cable trays are encased on two, three or four sides by cut-to-size SPN panels. Panel tailoring can be done using a standard knife (serrated knife). The panel segments are joined together with refractory glue FLAMRO KL; Spax screws < 6 x 80 mm can be used as assembly aids. When a duct has been assembled, it must be finish-coated with FLAMRO BMA, which requires approx. 2 kg/m² (corresponding to 1 mm dry layer thickness to be treated). The coating must always be applied to the external side of the duct!


Identification labels required for installation in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 12 are available from FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH.

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