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FLAMMNEU - DSB-W EI 120 / E 120

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Reliable design for your safety: Quality systems for structural fire protection

Today’s ever-growing requirements on preventive structural fire protection require innovative solutions that keep pace with the progress of technology – a principle and credo to which FLAMRO is fully committed in every way. For 30 years now, FLAMRO has been developing state-of-the art fire protection products that provide customers all over the world with just the right solution for their needs.

FLAMRO will also assist you with a comprehensive product range, customised on-site consultation as well as powerful training courses!

Of course, you are also welcome to use our free calculation programme.

All you have to do is enter a few basic data on the construction(s) you wish to protect from fire, and the programme will immediately provide you with:

  • clear-cut figures on your firestopping needs
  • the associated technical data as well as information on the products’s official Technical Approvals (“Zulassungen”)
  • a reliable, complete system offer for your project
  • a list of the required elements and materials and, if you wish to accept the offer
  • a printout of your order.

DIY is key:

Please see for yourself how convenient it is to manage and organise your projects online!

If you wish to know more about our company and our tried and tested fire protection systems, just one click will take you straight to more detailed information!

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