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14.07.2011 11:17

For your Safety!

Today’s ever-growing requirements on preventive structural fire protection
require innovative solutions that keep pace with the progress of technology
– a principle and credo to which FLAMRO is fully committed in every way.
For 30 years now, FLAMRO has been developing state-of-the art fire
protection products that provide customers all over the world with just the
right solution for their needs.

Keeping cool in the event of fire

Since FLAMRO manufactures all products in-house, customers can rely
on the hand-picked quality of our products. Continuous in-house monitoring
invariably continuous quality, an asset which is the key to our success.
Numerous external quality controls also testify to the excellent quality and
versatile applicability on our products.

Certified FLAMRO firestop systems are, therefore, at work in all conceivable
sectors of building construction and civil engineering, including in special
buildings and structures, such as:

  • airports
  • power stations
  • industrial plants and many more

The options are legion, so why not let us assist you,
too, in finding the best solutions for your own and
your customers firestopping needs.


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