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The system consists of

Beschichtungsmasse FLAMRO BMA Airless

Fire protection system "FLAMRO BMA Fire Protection Cable Coating"

Technical Approval Z-19.11-1299

  • Ablative coating compound (cooling action by heat absorption), suitable for electrical lines
  • Permitted for indoor and outdoor use (refineries, industrial facilities etc.)

Building Material Approval (“Baustoffzulassung”) BMA Z-19.11-1299 is only required if the inspection body grants approval; the document is available from FLAMRO upon request.

Areas of application

Electrical cables of any material and thickness as well as cable trays made of steel or aluminium profiles.

Special benefits

  • The coating compound is brushable and sprayable
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Water-based formulation, non-toxic
  • Resistant to mould and decay
  • Chemically neutral to the substrate
  • Asbestos and solvent-free, almost odourless
  • Does not release any toxic or corrosive gases when exposed to fire
  • Permanently flexible, no dripping of material during application
  • Insensitive to water, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Resistant to ageing and weathering
  • Can be painted over (colour adjustment)
  • Thickened compound can be diluted with water and then stirred again until a workable consistency is attained
  • Resistant to radioactivity and UV rays
  • Does not impact the specific behaviour of cables in respect of self-generated heat

Installation instructions

Application instruction for FLAMRO BMA with airless devices

  • Pressure in the range of at least 170 bar (depending on the type of airless spraying device used)
  • Nozzle 4.31, i.e. spraying angle 40 degrees and 0.031 inch / 0.78 mm (flow rate 3.5 litres / minute)

Material consumption data:

Cable coating (single cables) with a dry layer thickness of 2 mm: approx. 4.1 kg/m2 (recommended layer thickness for outdoor applications: at least 2 to 3 mm); cable coating (cable bundles) with a dry layer thickness of 2 mm: approx. 5.74 kg/m2 (due to the cable interstices that must also be filled, a multiplier (factor approx. 1.4) has to be applied). The raw density of FLAMRO BMA is approx. 1.54 kg/dm3, the reduction of moisture content during the drying process is approx. 25%. Due to natural abrasion by dust, rain and wind the surfaces need to be retreated from time to time.


Important note: If you intend to use FLAMRO BMA in an outdoor environment, please remember to indicate this in your order so that the required algicides and fungicides can be added to the compound!

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