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Tel: +49 6746 9410-0

Technical Approval No.: Z-56.217-3570

FLAMRO BaGe<br>fire protection bandage
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Fire protection bandage made of a difficult-to-ignite (hardly flammable) fabric and an intumescent building material.

Areas of application

Approved for all interior rooms with increased protection requirements (cellars, indoor car parks, safety areas, etc.)

Special benefits

  • Ideal for difficult installation scenarios
  • Prevents fire propagation
  • Encapsulates fire loads

Installation instructions

In the first step, firmly wrap all brackets, suspensions and support structures located in the cable tray area with bandage strips of approx. 10 – 15 cm width each, circumferentially and over their entire surface. Then secure the strips circumferentially to the tray and to each other with wire, screws or metallic clamps.

In the next step, secure the cut-to-size straps (provide for an overlap of at least 50 mm) of the fire-protection fabric over the entire length between the strips, first of all to the rear edge of the tray, using metallic clamps, wire or screws etc., in a way that the widths of the fire-protection fabric are hanging down equally.

In the last step, bend the wrap straps up and secure them in place with metallic clamps, wire etc. at least every 0.5 m and at least twice per bandage unit. In order to facilitate the wrapping procedure, the bandage can be secured beforehand by means of a tie-down strap.


If installation is accomplished in the above-described order, retrofitting will be very easy, and there will be no further material costs. We recommend providing for generous amounts of initial overlap so that there will be sufficient reserve material for retrofitting purposes. Identification labels are available from FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH.

The system consists of

  • BC Brandschutz-Bandage KVB


Z-56.217-3567 Englisch BaGe (2.0 MB)
Technical Data Sheet - BC fire protection bandage KVB EN (542.6 KB)
Safey Data Sheet - BC fire protection bandage KVB EN (63.1 KB)
Assembly Instruction - BC fire protection bandage KVB (740.7 KB)