Flamro Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH

Am Sportplatz 2
56291 Leiningen
Tel: +49 6746 9410-0
Fax: +49 6746 9410-10

Technical Approvals

FLAMRO BSB-K Combi Seal EN_Approval_ETA-15/0710
FLAMRO BSB-K Plugs_Approval_ETA-15/0816
FLAMRO BS-MK Combi Seal EI 90 / EI 120_Approval_ETA-15/0237
FLAMRO DSB-W_Approval_ETA-16/0318
FLAMRO KSL_Approval_ETA-16/0320
FLAMRO Multi Combi Seal EN EI 90 / EI 120_Approval_ETA-13/0756
FLAMRO Variant N II A_Approval_ETA-13/0922
FLAMRO Variant N II KS_Approval_ETA-13/0792
FLAMRO Variant N III wrap_Approval_ETA-16/0056
FLAMRO Variant N-B_Approval_ETA-15/0677
FLAMRO Variant N EC_Approval_ ETA 15-0802
FLAMRO Variant N III wrap_ Approval_ETA-16/0056

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet – ABA_EN
Technical Data Sheet – ABA-S_EN
Technical Data Sheet – AC Kitt_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Airless-Spraying_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BC fire protection bandage KVB_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BC Paint_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BMA_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BMK_EN
Technical Data Sheet_BML_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BMS Putty_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BMS_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Fire Protection Mortar Flamro-KL_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Fire Protection Mortar M3_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BSB-K_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BSD Fire Protection Socket_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BSK Prefabricated duct system_EN
Technical Data Sheet – BSS Fire Protection Foam_EN
Technical Data Sheet – DSB-W_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Ferrocoat 30-90_EN
Technical Data Sheet – FLAMRO KL A1 Spezial_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Joint Filling Rope_EN
Technical Data Sheet – KL_EN
Technical Data Sheet – KMO fire protection mortar_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Multi Combi Seal EN_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Primer L_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Primer Z_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Roku Strip EM_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Roku Strip_EN
Technical Data Sheet – ST-I_EN
Technical Data Sheet – System 1_EN
Technical Data Sheet – System 2_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Top L_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Top W_EN
Technical Data Sheet – UBB_EN
Technical Data Sheet – Variant N III Wrap_EN

Tender Text

Tender Text – FLAMRO Multi combi EN_EN
Tender Text – FLAMRO BS-MK_EN
Tender Text – FLAMRO Variant N II KS_EN
Tender Text – FLAMRO Variant N II A_EN

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet – ABA_EN
Safety Data Sheet – ABA_A+F_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BC-pant_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BC-putty_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BK Kissen_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BM_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BM_A+F_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BSS-Iso_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BSS-Poly_EN
Safety Data Sheet – FLAMRO-KL_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BSB-K_A+F_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BSB_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BSB_A+F_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BS Panel seal_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BSS-Poly_A+F_EN
Safety Data Sheet – DSB-W_EN
Safety Data Sheet – Ferrocoat_30-90_EN
Safety Data Sheet – Primer_L_EN
Safety Data Sheet – FM-I_EN
Safety Data Sheet – Joint filling rope_RP_55_EN
Safety Data Sheet – KMO_EN
Safety Data Sheet – BC_Woodcoat_EN
Safety Data Sheet – FLAMRO Variant N II A_EN
Safety Data Sheet – FLAMRO Variant N II A_EN
Safety Data Sheet – FLAMRO Variant N III wrap_EN
Safety Data Sheet – FLAMRO Variant N EC_EN
Safety Data Sheet – ST-I_EN
Safety Data Sheet – Fire protection mortar M3_EN

Assembly Instructions and Declaration of Performance

 Assemly Instruction and DoP_BK-N_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_DSB-W_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP Fire Protection Socket_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_KSL Combi Seal_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_Variant N EC_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_Variant N II A_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_Variant N III wrap_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_Variant N II KS_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_Variant N-B_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_FM I Combi EN_EN

Assembly Instruction and DoP_Multicombi seal_EN

Assembly Instructions – BC fire protection bandage KVB
Assembly Instructions – BC Seal 90 UNO
Assembly Instructions – BC Seal 120
Assembly Instructions – BSS Fire Protection Bricks
Assembly Instructions – BSB Fire Protection Plugs
Assembly Instructions – BSH Fire Protection Hood
Assembly Instructions – BSS Foam Seal S 30 – 90
Assembly Instructions – FM I Fire Protection Compound
Assembly Instructions – RP 55 Gap Filling Rope
Assembly Instructions – Pad Seal System S 90
Assembly Instructions – KMO Combi Mortar Seal S 90
Assembly Instructions – Multi Combi Seals
Assembly Instructions – Panel Seal Systems
Assembly Instructions – Cable Coating System 1
Assembly Instructions – Cable Coating System 2
Assembly Instructions – Variant N EC U/C
Assembly Instructions – Woodcoat transparent new


General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions (104.2 kB)


FLAMRO Catalogue_English

Planning Overview

Flamro_Planning Overview_English (408 KB)